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Catering Corporate? Corporate Catering Tips for Business Meetings and Events

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

When it to comes to planning an corporate event leave it to the professionals. Business meetings and corporate events have changed and has taken on a more party like atmosphere. These events also provide both entertainment and good food. These events offer an opportunity for networking, training, and collaboration and unlike catering for a wedding, corporate events tend to be a bit more casual.

Rule #1: Provide Your Guest with Options

Don't leave your guest stuck picking over the same menu options as everyone else. People like varieties so for entrees we recommend two options, and three is even better.

Multiple dessert options are a must! Of course one that is healthy and one that's slightly indulging.

Rule #2: The Final Presentation

Once you've determined the menu and setup, then its time to consider how you want your food to be presented. Regardless if you are doing a buffet style or served by plate, you want your food to be appealing and colorful. Make sure that your linens and decor compliment the theme of the event. Depending on the time of year you may be able to take advantage of offering seasonal menu options. Then its a win win for sure!

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